Friday, September 26, 2008

Last Christmas my mom and dad gave me a book called "Fantastic After 40!" At the time I was not interested, so I tucked the book away and forgot I even had it. About a month ago my sister started talking about this fabulous book that she had gotten for Christmas from our parents and that she was going to start a ladies study group called "Seasoned Sisters" based on the book " Fantastic After 40" By Pam Farrel! She was so excited about it. The book talks about being a smart, sophisticated, and savvy woman after 40! At first I said to myself, " ya right". But then I went searching for the book that I was reminded that I had received as a gift so many months ago! I started reading it( only on the first chapter). And so far I am inspired! I can totally relate as the author approaches the delicate subject of aging with humor and truth.
Here are a few fantastic facts about being over 40:

-I can forget peoples names and just call everyone "sweetie" and get away with it.

-At 40 I learned I could use my "blondness" as an excuse for my forgetfulness and slide right into "menopause" as the reason I can't remember where I parked my car!

-I can recognize when my teen is trying to manipulate me with the " mom, you are so beautiful... can I have the car keys? line .

Mostly I have learned to laugh more. I have recently picked up a birthday card for a friend turning 50, which read;
Do the boobs sorta droop and buns sorta sag? Has the chin multiplied and the eyes kinda bagged?
Do your legs kinda ripple as you run toward the fridge?
Have your maiden tresses turned into drab frizz? Let's face it, you're labeled, and there ain't no cure, But for diplomacy's sake, let's just say you're ...... Mature!

The above is from the book "Fantastic After 40" By Pam Farrel.
I'm excited about joining the study and relating to other seasoned sisters who are going through what I am going through. If intrigued go to or

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I know it's been over a month since I have posted anything. I just have not had anything to share. But now I do. I'm such a proud grandma.My little 3 year granddaughter called me tonight and said" grandma I learned how to read new words"! Then she rattled them off to me. " Cat, mat, sat, bat, pat,.." She's 3 yrs. old and brilliant as far as I'm concerned. Then she put her almost 1 year old sister on the phone and said " Josie can talk too." I heard " ma, ba , ga, ah" At least I think that's what she said. She is also brilliant. She has just cut about 5 teeth in the last little while ( a huge accomplishment, I must say). And both are just soooo cute don't you think! I know. I am a proud grandma. Love those girls very much!