Sunday, February 07, 2010

Okay, so I am not a fanatic sports fan. I do enjoy watching our local football team play, especially when they make the finals. I have to admit that I do like to follow the winter Olympics when they come around every 4 years. I love figure skating the most! I remember as a little girl watching the figure skating on T.V. with my family! It was so exciting and a fantastic family time! I remember getting caught up in the gracefulness of the skaters and the excitement as the skaters waited for judges scores! After one night of watching the women figure skaters in their puffy costumes, I went in my bedroom and put on my frilly nightie and tucked the hem of the nightie into my undies and pretended to be a figure skater. I danced out into the living room to show my parents. I was so into my make shift costume. My parents just giggled and kinda cheered. I thought it would be cool to be a figure skater. As I have aged and matured, I am positive that was a dream not for me as I totally hate winter, ice, snow and frigid temps! Yes I do live in a place that has very brutal freezing cold winters and I wish every year not to be a figure skater but a bear so I can hibernate! I do ramble on and on! My whole point for this post is to mention the fact that I am excited that in just one week the winter Olympics are coming to our great country once again. In just one week I will be watching the figure skating and cheering for not just Canadians but all the best teams.I cheer for the under dog athletes! The ones that come from poor families and have worked exceptionally hard to get to that moment of glory. I love those stories the best. I will not be putting on my frilly nightie and tucking the hem into my undies. Cute as a little girl but, at my age not so much! But you know what , I live alone so who would know. Enjoy the Olympics everyone.