Monday, November 26, 2007

I am so excited. Our home team (football) won the ultimate prestigious trophy for all of Canada.The Grey Cup. It has been 18 years since our team won the last one. Last night it was their turn. Today they returned home to a chilly temp of minus 20. Of course we have to factor in the wind chill. With that it felt like minus 34. Can you say Brrrrrrrrrrr! Even with the frigid temp our team came home to waiting fans all bundled up. How can you tell we have the best fans of all. When you show up to greet our team in minus 34 weather (outside) and show our love and gratitude for winning the trophy for us. It was amazing. Last night after the game people were out in the streets in the cold and snow cheering till all hours. I went to bed around ten and still heard car horns and people yelling wee into the early hours. It was a great time. Great job Saskatchewan Rough riders. It truly was your turn to win. Yahhhhhhooooooo!!!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

You know how some parents live their lives vicariously through their kids! Well I am living my life through my folks.

Here are my beloved parents enjoying themselves in Texas, on the gulf of Mexico. I miss them very much ,but I am so happy that they are able to travel and experience new and different things. The positive side is that they skip the cold Saskatchewan winter. Mom has been swimming in the ocean, and dad( who does not like water too much, unless it is a hot tub.) has become a beach bum. When my parents broke the news to my siblings and I that they were going to sell the house, buy a fifth wheel trailer and truck and head to warmer climates, I have to admit that I was a bit anxious. Okay a lot anxious. I call it separation anxiety. After a few weeks I finally had to come to terms that I would have to cut those apron strings and give my parents their independence. It has been an adjustment but things are okay. I am so happy for them. They deserve to be enjoying life. They have worked so hard and put many dollars towards the government pension. It's about time they cashed in. Good for you momma and daddy. I miss you so much but am so happy for you and love seeing the
photos. Like I said I am living my life through my parents.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Shame, Shame, Shame! Someone has been caught with egg on the face!

This week my manager was caught in an embarrassing situation. She made a racial comment to one of my co workers. The thing is that this comment was made in front of not only my co-worker, but in front of many more. I was witness to this racial slur. I could not believe what I had heard. When my co-worker stood up for himself and put my, our manager in her place, she began to apologize. By then it was too late. The damage had been done. She then tried to explain to the rest of the group that what she had said was wrong and she should not have said what she said. So now my manager is left to eat crow so to speak. I feel so bad for my co-worker. He was not only slandered by harsh, racial words, but he was told so in front of many of his peers. I'm sure he must have felt very small. This is not the first time that my manager has made staff feel small and doubt their self worth. She has made me feel insignificant a time or two in my time working for her. I really hope that this does not continue. I hope that she will be stopped once and for all for what she tries to pull. Our policy at work is zero tolerance to harassment of any kind. I hope my manager will be put in her place once and for all. Enough is enough already. Harassment is harassment whether it is in jest or not. My manager did send out an apology saying that she was only joking and that she should not have said what she did. But like I said the damage has been done. Words hurt!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Today I spent a couple hours with my granddaughter Abby and her baby sister Jo. While Jo slept, Abby and I played a world of make believe. She told me stories about " Once upon a time there was this little girl named Athena and Poppa and gramma and Athena colored on the walls and gramma cried and ..... ..I found it so cute. Some of this may have happened. Like perhaps Athena did color on the walls but I don't know if gramma cried or not. ( she meant her other gramma). Abby has lots of grammas. I just found it so lovely to hear my little granddaughter tell me stories. We also pretended to go on a trip to visit Athena. We got in our make believe car , put on our seat belts, and set off on our trip with map in hand( that Abby had made prior to our trip) and gifts to give . The gifts were chocolate and shoes. Flip flops( Dora ones) and all her idea. Of course all women love chocolate and shoes. Along the way we saw many things . Elephants , Tigers and Wombats. We had to honk the horn to warn the animals to move out of our way. It was so good to play make believe with Abby. At first she thought that her gramma was kinda strange when I said come on Abby get in the car and drive. The car was the couch and we had a pretend steering wheel and made sure we buckled up. She was shy at first and then she totally got into the whole pretend trip. I enjoyed playing make believe with her. I hope she had fun too. Then baby Jo woke up and needed to be changed and then needed her mommy to feed her. But it was fun while it lasted.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

And another one falls!

Today we were informed of another RCMP officer that was shot and killed in the line of duty. This is the 2nd one in less than a month. Over the last 2 years that makes 8. This young constable that was killed last night was only 20 years old. He just graduated from training 6 months ago. How very sad! I know it touches those of us who work for the RCMP, but I can not even imagine the horrible sadness it is for those family members who are left behind. I do know that it affects the cadets who are going through training right now. It does fill them full of fear! It makes them stop and think about what they are doing here. I try to encourage the troops as they pass through our facilities. I tell them I am so proud of them and I tell they that they are so needed. Training to become an RCMP officer is very strict and brutal at times. There are many that pack it in part way through training because they can't cut it. So it is very sad to hear that a cadet makes it through training only to be killed 6 months into his career as a police officer. This coming up weekend is "Remembrance Day" here in Canada. It is a time we remember the lives that have been lost in the wars, and those veterans still alive who fought, and those who still fight. I also take it one step further and think of all those who fight the good fight every day keeping us safe from crime. I REMEMBER!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Well momma and daddy hooked up their home on wheels to their big red truck and took off down the highway heading south. They have officially become Canadian geese. Or snow birds as many call them. Corpus Christi Texas is the destination of choice. Near the sand and surf. They are now dipping their toes in the warm sandy waters as I speak. I am so jealous. I say good for mom and pop for being able to take on this adventure in their golden years. They so deserve it. I am happy cuz they are able to do this, but sad cuz I won't see them for 6 whole months. Come spring , like the geese, they will fly north for the summer. I am not only longing for spring , but also seeing the folks again. I am thankful once again for the internet (instant messaging). I can keep in touch with them daily.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Down but not out.

After a week of being out of the internet loop I am back. I have not had internet for a week and boy have I missed it. I will now get back to catching up on all my freinds posts. Hope all is well with everyone. Glad to be back in the loop. Oh how we come to depend on things instant.