Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Canada day to all my fellow Canadians. I am reminded of a Canada day 26 years ago when I was in the hospital giving birth to my baby boy. He was one day old. Of course I was not able to go celebrate Canada's birthday because I was in hospital snuggling and getting to know my one day old son ( he was born on June 30) Happy birthday son! I say who needs fire works when you have a new born baby to love. No comparison right! I was looking after my granddaughters tonight so that Jordan and Jen could go out and celebrate his 26th birthday. As I'm reading his 3 year old a bedtime story, I am also thinking back on what I was doing on this day when her daddy was born. I still can't believe that my baby has babies of his own. I am so filled with pride and thankful to God for all his blessings. I am blessed because I have a wonderful family and I live in a free country. Happy CANADA DAY! For more updates and photos of my grandbabies check out Jen's blog

Friday, June 13, 2008

Wow, I can't believe it's been over a month since I have posted anything on this blog. A lot has taken place in my life over the last couple of months. It started with my parents moving in with me at the begining of April. They spent the winter in Texas and, after coming back to Canada this spring we found that mutually it would be good for them and me if they spent the summer living with me. I have had a difficult time of things lately and it has been good to have the support, and encouragement of mom and daddy. Great support but an adjustment at the same time. I am so used to living alone . I must say that for the most part I have enjoyed the company. I think it has been okay for them too since they can get away from their fifth wheel trailer and have a little more space to roam around in. I hope that is the case. So what have I been doing since I posted last? Well I have been focusing on getting myself feeling better and enjoying time with my gorgeous granddaughters. They are the joy and light of my life. Abby is so smart and fun at her 3 year young age. Her imagination is so endearing to me. Every time we are together, we have a lovely time of make believe. Josie is so adorably cute at 8 months. She always has smiles a plenty when ever I see her. To get updates on my beautiful girls check out Jen's
postings. They are cute if I do say so my self. Next I want to wish a great big happy fathers day to my daddy who is the best daddy in the whole world. He truly is terrific. Happy fathers day to my son Jordan . I am so proud of the daddy that he has turned out to be. I always knew that he would be a great daddy. I wish a huge happy fathers day to all the fathers every where. I hope that the day is all that they deserve and more!