Monday, October 22, 2007

PLAY DOH AND DORA CARDS! Does this sound like fun? It was to me! I played with my grand baby Abby for hours today with play doh and then with Dora cards. I was educated on the characters of Dora the Explorer. Benny the Bull is not Benny the cow as I called it. I asked Abby who the cow was and she said " Benny" I said "Oh Benny the cow" and she said "No Benny the bull" Of course it would be Benny the Bull. I am so out of the loop. I must get with it as far as Dora the Explorer goes. Come on Gramma keep up, get with the program. I had a great time with Abby today. What fun with the brilliant Dr. Abby. She did tell me what the longest bone in the body was. I am so glad cuz I did not know. I don't know if you all know this, but my
Abby girl is brilliant. I can brag cuz I am Gramma.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Twinkle Twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. I was reminded of this little tune as I sat watching the night sky. Last night it was so clear and the stars shone beautifully. When I was a little girl I remember sitting in the back seat of my families car going home from somewhere, late at night. As a wee little one I was only big enough to see up into the sky from the window where I sat. The sky was so clear and gorgeous. I do recall singing the song Twinkle Twinkle little star. As a very young child I thought this to be so amazing . Amazing because the night sky was so much bigger than I. It was so vast and went on forever. As I sat the other night with my memories, another recent memory came to mind. Last time I looked after my sweet granddaughter Abby, she was singing that very song. I hope that she will soon be able to truly look up in the great big sky and see all the beautiful diamonds.

Monday, October 08, 2007

I had a fantastic thanksgiving weekend. ( I agree with one of the other Canadian bloggers, when they said the US Thanksgiving is way too close to Christmas) Our thanksgiving in Canada is a perfect time to be thankful. So as far as my weekend goes.. it was a fantastic weekend. It started with my kids being away for the weekend ..... That is not happy.... It was a fact. They were not in the city to celebrate with me. So me, mom and dad planned to just go out for Chinese on Sunday lunch after church. Early Sunday morn we got the invite to go for Turkey lunch at a great friend of families place. Even though I had my taste buds set on the Chinese dinner, it was so nice to get together with friends instead. Later that same afternoon we went to sisters house for coffee and pumpkin pie. We ended up staying on through dinner time and was invited to stay for turkey left overs. It was not intentional. It just happened that way. It was such a nice time. Then today my daughter called me up and invited me over for a visit . I ended up staying all afternoon and watched a show called " The IT Crowd" I thought it was a very funny show. Had a real giggle. We then went for Chinese food with mom and dad and Tiff and Brian( favorite daughter and son in law) okay only daughter and only son in law. I must say it was a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Instead of sitting in my apartment staring at the walls all day( cuz kids were away) I had a great time being out with family and friends. I enjoyed it very much. So hey, US, how about changing your Thanksgiving day so it is not so close to Christmas. ;)

By the way the above photo is of my granddaughter Abby playing in the leaves last fall.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Thanksgiving in Canada

I am thankful for many things. My family. Mom and dad for all the love and support they have to give. My children, and granddaughters , they are my light and joy. They light up my life. I'm thankful for my sister . I adore her and she is such an encouragment to me. My nephews (all 5 of them) who make me laugh always. My brother inlaw who is an example of one who is an amazing dad to his sons and loves God with all his heart, and he shows it regularly. My brother who has a wonderful sense of humour and also loves God. My sister inlaw who is an amazing hostess and has a gift of hospitality. She takes such great care of my brother and her boys. I am so very blessed to have such a wonderful family and I never take them for granted. I love them all so much, I am truly thankful for them all.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

More photos courtesy of Jen and Jordan. Love the little baby and her sister.

Okay I just have to post some clearer photos of my liitle grand baby. ( courtesy of Jen and Jordan) So here she is. My little lovey and her fantastic big sister. ( her mommy too) xoxoxox