Saturday, June 04, 2011

Hello! I'm still here! I have been silent for a very long time. I want you to meet my new grandson. His name is Isaac. He is the precious gift from God that was given to my daughter and her husband! My daughter and her husband Brian have been praying for a baby for 10 years. The whole family has been praying as well! They have not been able to conceive a baby and have been on the adoption road for a couple of years. After much heart ache and disappointment this little precious guy came into our lives. He is just the happiest baby ever. He laughs all the time. My daughter and her husband have called him Isaac. His name means laughter. He does laugh all the time. They also called him Isaac because of the bible story about Abraham and Sarah and how long they wanted to have a child! Isaac came to us at 6 months old and he is the most precious gift that we can ever have asked for. He also looks like my son in law Brian. A total gift from God. We are so blessed!