Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Some wonderful times of momma and daddy over the years! Me being the oldest I of course would have the most. But here are a snipit of the younger ones memories!

Memories of Mom and dad over the 50 years of married life!

I remember the first time I met Gramps. He introduced himself and stuck out his hand for a handshake. I grabbed his hand expecting a regular nice-to-meet you handshake. Instead he started laughing, pulled me in for a hug and said "I don't do handshakes, I do hugs"! I soon found this too be true of both Grannie and Gramps. I'm sure every time I've seen either of them in the past ten or twelve years, they've never failed to hug me at least once! (Jen Beloved grand daughter in law)

My fondest memory of grandma and grandpa is the camping we would do in long beach I remember grannie would help us make somores I loved it. I remember having pine cone fights with grandma in the woods. (Tiffany- First and only grandaughter)

I really enjoyed sitting around the table laughing at supper time or the times we would go camping together it usually rained but we would have so much fun anyway. (Johnny boy. Number one and only son)

It always seemed that no matter how hard the times would be, we as a family had the abilility to laugh. There was always much laughter growing up. Also thier love for God and passing that on to us as kids. (Wandi- First born daughter )

I remember another thing growing up. We moved a lot! One memory is of when we first moved to Dawson Creek B.C . Dad had just graduated from meat cutting school. We did not have a home to live in at first so we lived in a motel very close to the out door pool. It was summer time and we got to go every day to the pool. I thought it was great. Mom probably went nuts, wanting her own home. It was not long after that when we moved into a little house by grandma and grandpa Lobergs house. At first we did not have much for furniture but used boxes and crates for tables and such. But very soon we had a delivery of a new table, chairs, beds and I don't know what else. We sure did have to be adaptable throughout our lives. ( Wandi)

Grannie... Gramps....??? ( Sweet little 20 month Josie asked with a smile. She loves her granny and gramps so much) This is what she asked me tonight when I looked after her tonight.

Mom and dad You are loved so much. Happy fiftieth anniversary!