Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Global Warming? I beg to differ!

We have yet to experience any of that here in my part of the world. Spring sprung last week but the weather has not gotten the message yet.
It is snowing like crazy! Has been for the last two days. By now it should be melting and slushy and warm. It sure has been a long, cold, hard winter here. I just can't wait til we get some warm temps. I long to plant a little flower garden on my balcony. When we have weather so cold for so long, it makes me feel like it will be like this forever. Kinda like when a woman is pregnant and her last month seems so long she thinks she will be pregnant forever. At least that's how I felt. I know that spring weather will appear, just like the baby came in due time as well. Just a bit over due!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This gorgeous couple is my mom and dad 50 years ago. Don't they look so sweet? Ten months later I was born. I was almost a honey moon conception. Okay, I guess you can say that I was a honey moon baby. Whoops, I have just aged myself big time! I'm sure my parents are saying ," where has the time gone". I know that I say that every day! Time sure does fly! My family and I are planning a celebration party for them this summer. Let the good times roll!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


1) When I was about 4 years old I tried to run away. I packed a little bag stuffed with a pair of socks and a toy or 2. I was not successful. My auntie stopped me before I could make it off the property!

2) I adore my sister. Sisters are great!

3) I hate macaroni and jello! Jello makes me gag!

4) As soon as I get home from work I change into my P.J.s. I get off at 3:30. It's maybe a little too early for lounge wear, but who cares!

5) I'm afraid of bugs of all kinds! Snakes too. Survivor contestant I would not make!

6) I do not enjoy cold snowy winters! It's just ..... cold and .... snowy..... Yuck!

7) I am paranoid of heights! Even a 6 foot ladder makes me whoozy!

8)If I had lots of money I would love to help others. Especially single moms!

9) If I had lots of money I would love to go to a fat farm or be a contestant on biggest loser!

10) I'm not an organized person. I have many junk drawers .

11) I feel that hugs can mend a lot of pain! Hugs are so important!

12) I cry at the silliest things. Even some commercials make me weep!

13) I believe in re-gifting as a good thing. If there is something I don't need then why can't I
pass it on?

14)I fell asleep at work once! Very briefly and I did not get caught (as far as I know) I was so exhausted and I thought " I just need to sit for a few minutes" and before I knew it I was awakened with a start and could not believe I had drifted off. I'm so ashamed. Sort of.

15) I crave stuffed green olives. I'm not even pregnant! I used to hate them, but now that I am older my tastes have changed.

16) I love teddy bears!

17) I love the British soap opera " Coronation Street"

18) I have been pre menopausal for the last 10 years. Too much info I know, but personally it sucks! Who loves Hot flashes? Not Me!

19)I've sucked up lego in the vacuum when my son was little! I was so sick of stepping on them (owe) Sorry Jordan!

20) The last time I permed my hair was 23 years ago, after I turned up at my brothers wedding looking like a poodle. My friend and I permed each others hair. The results were devastating. I cried, she cried and we vowed we would never touch each others hair again. Did I mention that I was in my brothers wedding party? Imagine the photos! Yikes!

21) I get annoyed when I'm watching T.V. and the network cuts in for a special report announcing something political !

22) My idea of camping is an R.V. with running water, heat , and no bugs.

23) I love, love, love watching movies.

24) I've vacuumed up money. Only pennies! I know every cent adds up!

25) I like to try new recipes when having guests over. I like to pretend I'm a great chef , but I know I'm not! My daughter inlaw is a wonderful chef. I've loved all the things that she has cooked for me!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Yes the twins are 70! They look so good!

Happy 70th birthday to my momma. It is her birthday today. It's not only her birthday but her twin sister's birthday too. So happy birthday to aunt Peggy as well! It's a big mile stone for the twins! Wow, 70 ! It is also a big milestone year for me too this year. Yikes!!!!!! Yes, I am 20 years younger than my momma. And better yet my daughter is 20 years younger than me. So I guess it is a big mile stone year for my Tiffa honey too! Anyway, just want to acknowledge that my dear momma is 70, and say many happy returns. Love you lots mommy!

Sunday, March 01, 2009


I went to church last night so that today I could look forward to having a sleep in this morning! I was having a nice sleep when all of a sudden I was awakened by the fire alarm going off out side my apartment door. I jumped out of bed in a panic and my first thought was, get dressed. I can't go out side in minus 25 weather in my P.J.s My next thought was I need to go potty. I can't go outside in minus 25 weather having to pee! So I quickly went to the loo and ran for the door grabbing my coat and shuffling into my shoes, not bothering to tie them. I made my way down to the first floor ( from the 3rd) trying to keep my composure and not panic. As I passed the 2nd floor I could see folks slowly poking heads out their doors . It made me question why they were not trying to get out of the building like I was. I got to the first floor and again I saw people standing in the hallways, not in a panic at all. They were not rushing to the exit. It seemed that they were visiting. So I stood at the bottom of the stairs trying to get my bearings. One of my neighbors came walking down the stairs and said " no fire on the second floor how about the third? " I shook my head ( still foggy from sleep I'm sure) and replied " I did not smell any smoke, so it must be a false alarm." If truth be told I did not even stay on my floor long enough to even smell smoke. He said to me " this building is very fire safe so it will take a long time to burn." This is very true. There are thick brick walls between each apartment. So I guess there was no panic to get out as quick as I did. I just heard alarm and thought okay gotta go. The alarm stopped just as the man said that to me. So I made my way back up the stairs. As I got to the 2nd floor there were several people out in the hallway. This is where the old gal comes in. She came up to me with her fuzzy died hair flying behind her. She had many wrinkles, but I noticed that she was wearing a bright red lipstick and a strand of pearls. She must have been in her 80s. She started in on me right away, asking me " has the fire department been called yet" I told her " I think they had. I saw someone on the first floor with a phone in their hands." Little old gal kept on saying " it's against the law if the fire department is not called, and someone could be held responsible for this. The alarm has been going off for and hour now, and I closed the laundry room door then I opened it up, and someone needs to call the fire department" I suddenly felt responsible for the alarm going off. I tried to reassure the old gal that I'm sure the fire department had been called and were on there way. Then she just walked away from me mumbling down the hallway, maybe to call the fire department herself. Just then the landlord came around the corner saying " is everyone up now" and the rest of us just kinda giggled . After I saw the landlord I knew for sure that it was indeed a false alarm and made my way up the last flight of stairs to my apartment. I let myself in and then heard the sirens. I watched out the window as the fire truck pulled up in front of our building. They did not stay long. My heart was still racing and slowing calming down. It all turned out okay. You know when your in a deep sleep and the phone rings and you race to the phone and try to pretend to the other party on the other end that you were not asleep. And they ask you did I wake you and you say no, but you are so disoriented for a few minutes. That's how my day started. I still chuckle at the little dear gal. But I think she was probably just frightened too. Funny how people react when the adrenalin gets going.