Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This gorgeous couple is my mom and dad 50 years ago. Don't they look so sweet? Ten months later I was born. I was almost a honey moon conception. Okay, I guess you can say that I was a honey moon baby. Whoops, I have just aged myself big time! I'm sure my parents are saying ," where has the time gone". I know that I say that every day! Time sure does fly! My family and I are planning a celebration party for them this summer. Let the good times roll!


Muhd Imran said...


You parents are good looking people and so compatible to one another. You inherit their good looks.

It is beautiful that they are together all these years... something I hope I can be with Wifey.

Yes! Let the good times roll!

ladybird39pm said...

Wanda where did you get this picture I have been looking for it I am missing it

Wanda said...

I love old Wedding Pictures.... They are one good looking couple.
Love her dress.

50 is the big one....Don and I are 2 years away this June 24th.

Love and Hugs

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

good for them!!
my wife was born the same- 10 months after the wedding. We had 6 years until our 1st of the 4. so glad of that. we needed the rest (had no idea at the time why :)