Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Yes the twins are 70! They look so good!

Happy 70th birthday to my momma. It is her birthday today. It's not only her birthday but her twin sister's birthday too. So happy birthday to aunt Peggy as well! It's a big mile stone for the twins! Wow, 70 ! It is also a big milestone year for me too this year. Yikes!!!!!! Yes, I am 20 years younger than my momma. And better yet my daughter is 20 years younger than me. So I guess it is a big mile stone year for my Tiffa honey too! Anyway, just want to acknowledge that my dear momma is 70, and say many happy returns. Love you lots mommy!


Wanda said...

Well Happy Birthday.... Happy Birthday ~ Twins... I like that!

My Aunt Nevada has three sets of twin boys, and a child between each set. No one else in our family has ever had twins. This was years before fertility drugs.

Please give your Mom and her sis our love!


ladybird39pm said...

Thank you from the 2 Wanda's
We had a great day went out for dinner. It was great to be with friends and together with my sister.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

to give you an idea how late I am- when (or if) I'm 70, my youngest child will be 30!! :)

Muhd Imran said...


Happy very belated birthday to your Mom and her twin sister.

They look so good at 70! Happiness, that's what is all about!

Anonymous said...

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