Monday, October 08, 2007

I had a fantastic thanksgiving weekend. ( I agree with one of the other Canadian bloggers, when they said the US Thanksgiving is way too close to Christmas) Our thanksgiving in Canada is a perfect time to be thankful. So as far as my weekend goes.. it was a fantastic weekend. It started with my kids being away for the weekend ..... That is not happy.... It was a fact. They were not in the city to celebrate with me. So me, mom and dad planned to just go out for Chinese on Sunday lunch after church. Early Sunday morn we got the invite to go for Turkey lunch at a great friend of families place. Even though I had my taste buds set on the Chinese dinner, it was so nice to get together with friends instead. Later that same afternoon we went to sisters house for coffee and pumpkin pie. We ended up staying on through dinner time and was invited to stay for turkey left overs. It was not intentional. It just happened that way. It was such a nice time. Then today my daughter called me up and invited me over for a visit . I ended up staying all afternoon and watched a show called " The IT Crowd" I thought it was a very funny show. Had a real giggle. We then went for Chinese food with mom and dad and Tiff and Brian( favorite daughter and son in law) okay only daughter and only son in law. I must say it was a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Instead of sitting in my apartment staring at the walls all day( cuz kids were away) I had a great time being out with family and friends. I enjoyed it very much. So hey, US, how about changing your Thanksgiving day so it is not so close to Christmas. ;)

By the way the above photo is of my granddaughter Abby playing in the leaves last fall.


Muhd Imran said...

All this while I thought Thanksgiving was a one day affair in sync with the rest of the world, like Christmas and our Eidulfitri.

Only got to know it here that Canadians have it early amid that beautiful season and scenery outside.

Sure sounded you had great fun with your close-knitted family... wonderful and precious moments to cherish... and to look forward to next year's too.

Wanda said...

Darling Photo. I think you are right...I wish our Thanksgiving were earlier. What a wonderful family time. I get to see my new greatgrandbaby this weekend.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Our Thanksgiving is too close to Christmas but the Canadian Thanksgiving is too close to summer. :)
I love the picture!!

Carol said...

Was that all in one day?
Fun filled food day..

Yeah, Americans should switch to October, definitely!

Kathy said...

Soemtimes the unplanned events are the best ones are'nt they. Glad u had a nice Thanksgiving!

Susie said...

Sounds like a wonderful thanksgiving to me. I made enough food for 12 people and only Dana to eat it. Needless to say he was happy and stuffed.