Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Canada day to all my fellow Canadians. I am reminded of a Canada day 26 years ago when I was in the hospital giving birth to my baby boy. He was one day old. Of course I was not able to go celebrate Canada's birthday because I was in hospital snuggling and getting to know my one day old son ( he was born on June 30) Happy birthday son! I say who needs fire works when you have a new born baby to love. No comparison right! I was looking after my granddaughters tonight so that Jordan and Jen could go out and celebrate his 26th birthday. As I'm reading his 3 year old a bedtime story, I am also thinking back on what I was doing on this day when her daddy was born. I still can't believe that my baby has babies of his own. I am so filled with pride and thankful to God for all his blessings. I am blessed because I have a wonderful family and I live in a free country. Happy CANADA DAY! For more updates and photos of my grandbabies check out Jen's blog


Wanda said...

Happy Happy all the way around!! Canada and most of all your sweet boy...!!

Hard to believe our babies now have babies of their own...will go over and enjoy your grandchildren.

Love and Hugs

Muhd Imran said...

Happy Canadian Day to you.

Happy Birthday to your Sonny.

Interestingly, I was born midday of June 30th too and celebrated my 42nd.

Have many more beautiful days with your loved ones!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I have to admit, but I've never heard of the holiday - guess I'm one of those snobby Americans. :)

Isadora said...

Happy Canada day to you! Do take care of yourself - good stress is stress just the same. Nice to have your parents with you - hugs to you all.