Friday, November 02, 2007

Well momma and daddy hooked up their home on wheels to their big red truck and took off down the highway heading south. They have officially become Canadian geese. Or snow birds as many call them. Corpus Christi Texas is the destination of choice. Near the sand and surf. They are now dipping their toes in the warm sandy waters as I speak. I am so jealous. I say good for mom and pop for being able to take on this adventure in their golden years. They so deserve it. I am happy cuz they are able to do this, but sad cuz I won't see them for 6 whole months. Come spring , like the geese, they will fly north for the summer. I am not only longing for spring , but also seeing the folks again. I am thankful once again for the internet (instant messaging). I can keep in touch with them daily.


Wanda said...

Oh what a set of mixed emotions!! I can see how great it is for them to travel... but hard not to see them.

Yeah for internet!

Makes me miss my parents who have been gone for a long time...!

Kathy said...

Yes I know the emotions well. My parents were gone most of the summer with their trailer this year. I so wished to go as well but glad they are still well enough to do this but missing them too. Life is a missed bag is'nt it!

Muhd Imran said...

What a wonderful way to spend time and enjoy each other's company after the kids have all grown-up.

The photo is awesome. Red against the field of bright yellow and clear blue skies!