Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This may be mean and offensive to some of my fellow Canadians, but I just had to post it because I thought it was very funny. Someone else sent it to me. For those of you who are outside of Canada and don't know our politics, I will try to briefly explain. In October there was an election to decide who should be Canada's prime minister. Well Canada voted and a man by the name of Stephen Harper was elected prime minister.
Since that decision, the leaders of the opposing parties ( photo above) have decided to form a coalition against the elected prime minister and take over running our country. Many people are in an uproar. After all, the vote was that Stephen Harper be our prime minister. There are also many people who are in favor of the coalition ( non Harper supporters). Meanwhile the Governor general has decided to close Parliament until January when the budget is brought forth. Are you confused? You're not alone! It seems to be a big mess of fighting children calling each other names and hurling insults.The children involved are not children but grown men and women. It's sad really. When I watch politics on T.V. I get so annoyed because all I hear is yelling and name calling. It just makes me want to send everyone to their rooms for a time out. I guess if you think about it , that is what the Governor general has done. She has given every one a time out until January. Stay tuned! It will be interesting to see what happens. Anyway, the photo above is just a humorous way of relieving stress during a stressful time.


Jen said...

That picture is humours, even for me who is pro-coalition! Thanks for sharing.

Muhd Imran said...

If we did the same thing here, we'd be in so much trouble with the law for defamation.

Freedom of speech and expression are known but not really tolerated here.

Please update the outcome. It is interesting to know what the children will be up to next.

wandi said...

Imran, here in North America, comedians make fun of politicians all the time. That's how they get a lot of their material. Yes, freedom of speech is alive and well here. Sometimes to the point of ridiculous, in my opinion.