Friday, April 03, 2009

Spring slowly seems to be making it into our neck of the woods. I can see brown grass now! And the roads are bare and sidewalks are free from ice and snow! I drove down to our city park today to check out the situation! The lake is starting to melt and there are already geese back from down south! The ice is thin! Signs are out all over saying " DANGER THIN ICE" ! I sat in my car just happy to watch the scene and feel the warm sun shine on my face! It made me happy! Every thing is still so brown and dirty, but when I saw the geese ( only a few) it made me feel hopeful. Many more to come. It won't be long and the lake will be full of geese, ducks and all the babies. It's time! So over the next few weeks I will take a drive to the park and visit the lake to check up on the progress and be thankful that spring it finally here!


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I'm so ready for it!! you have it worse than me, though. I can't imagine still having snow down on the ground! yuck!

ladybird39pm said...

Your 2 favorite snow geese are on thier flight home . But will not land on Wascanan Lake. but in the snow drift our at camp if we can get in there. Dad wrote glen and told him to get the hair dryer out
and dry out our spot. will be pretty muddy though may not be able to get in to that secret spot.

Muhd Imran said...

Such a wonderful time of the year for many people. Spring is coming and so are the feeling of happiness, warmth and promise of many good things to come.

I am excited for you.

Have a good drive and a wonderful weekend too.

Wanda said...

OH Wandi, I hope you will post the baby geese.... I know you are ready for Spring... I feel it from Andrew too.

I'm loving the weather now...a litte rain today... but sunshine for tomorrow.