Friday, January 29, 2010

Sometimes people try to be funny and they are totally not! Today I was working by myself as my co worker is off sick. I was quite busy putting out printing requests all morning. I had 2 cart loads of paper to show for all my hard work. The new mail gal came by to take the mail(in service mail) and there happened to not be any mail going out cuz it's a friday and many people are off today. She said to me " what's going on here? Is A the only one that does any work around here?" I was taken aback by this comment. Really? You did not just say that to me!.... Right away I tried to defend myself by saying " what do you mean, I have been printing job requests like crazy! " I don't know this woman! She just started delivering the mail for depot 3 weeks ago. The more I thought about it the more upset I became. I don't know if I should confront this person and tell her that I was upset by her comment and that maybe she should think before she speaks. Was she only trying to be funny and make conversation? Does she really believe that A is the only one that does work around here? I'm the type of person that bottles things up and that is not good for me. Maybe I should kindly tell this woman that her comment offended me and clear the air and get on with things. I just don't know! What would you do?


Wanda said...

I think I would just clear the air by NOT saying anything, and know she's certainly not feeling bad about it...she probably never gave it a second thought.

You know who you are....and how hard you work, and so does the just give it to Him!!

So glad I'm retired....I remember all those years in the work force!

ladybird39pm said...

Yes Wandi, I am just realizng that we two are so much alike, I have been hit in words by my sister I just clam up.I never know what to say. Even though she makes me feel bad. I have tried approaching her she tells me I am too sentsitive. She stabbed in the back the other day with her words. It shocked me, she did it in front of other ladies, at the quilting room. I disagreed with her, and we got into an argument . which was so wrong. a couple of ladies spoke and said alright girls . I just packed up my sewing and left. Peggy turned to me as if nothing had happened, and said oh your leaving so soon. The thing she brought up happened when Uncle Robert passed away. 15 yrs ago. How hurtful.