Friday, November 10, 2006

She lives! A week ago I was crying my eyes out because a soap star was dying. I know it sounds trivial and stupid, but I was in a very vulnerable mood last friday. The thing is soaps are famous for there cliff hangers. Such is the life of T.V. Well, as I cried for the dead Reva Shayne, ( the heart monitor proved that she was actually dead.... then fade to comercial..) I had to wait to see on monday how the family would grieve her. Well wouldn't you know it, come monday , the heart monitor started up again. Didn't I say that in soaps she would either live our come back to life. This did not happen with the prime time soap of "Grey's Anatomy" Denny Doucette. His heart monitor did not start beeping at the start of the season premier of Grey's. I really liked the charachter of Denny.I thought he was so good for Izzy. I really hope a new love interest will come along for her. Some one as gorgeous and loving as Denny was. I know, I know. So trivial. But T.V. has us hooked whether we like it or not. Any way , I am so happy that Reva Shayne lives. It's just entertainment. So why do we get so hooked and involved. Could it be that in some small way we can relate?


Jen said...

We do relate to t.v. characters, even minor ones. Like last night on Grey's I BAWLED my eyes out when that woman had to deliver the baby who had died after the fall. :(

wandi said...

I know, I too was crying. Although I never did have that happen to me, I was in empathy! Such hardship.

Chaotic Mom said...

I find I get hooked and involved as an escape to my personal life.

MAN! They left you hanging over the whole weekend? That's crazy! I hate it when I get hooked on a weekly show and have to wait a WHOLE WEEK to find out what happened. Or from the end of the season to the start of the next. That always bums me out. ;)