Sunday, May 06, 2007


It's the most wonderful time of the year! I love spring so much. It is my favorite! I remember when I was in my teens , my family and another close family of ours , would go to the "Old Fort" in northern B.C. near where we lived ,and would climb a hill that was filled with crocus. It was so beautiful and so memorable. The time we spent there will never be forgotten. We would take a picnic lunch and then climb the big hill and enjoy the view and flowers. I think that is the time I fell in love with spring. A time when everything came into bloom. The grass turned green, and the trees would bud, and the pussy willows would come out. It was almost magical to me. So now this time of year I breathe a huge sigh of delight when I see the buds on the trees and the pussy willows and crocus . I love this time of re- birth! New life! So awesome!


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

wow! That's beautiful!

Tanie said...

Spring to me is full of so much promise and your tales of family made me remember my own wonderful memories, thank you

Imran said...

I just love the feeling everybody describes about Spring. Living in the equator, I have yet to experience it.

It should be so beautiful, everyone looks forward to every year.

I can imagine why you fall in love with Spring, and why you keep falling in love with it again.

The flowers are beautiful, the hill and the colors that heightens your senses, but especially the moments spent with your loved ones amid all those beautiful surrounding... priceless.

Happy Spring my friend.