Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mom and daddy picked up their new home on wheels today. So exciting! They will begin packing it with belongings from the house as much as they can fit and the rest get rid of. As dad was trying to park the trailer in his drive, a flukey thing happened. He took too sharp a turn and ( don't know all the details) his back window of the new truck shattered. Oh no daddy!!!!! So sorry!!! Not your new truck! A 100 dollar deductible and it can be fixed. Still what a sickening feeling he must have had to hear that sound of shattering glass. . Speaking of sick..... My poor momma ended up in the hospital this afternoon. She was scheduled for a colonoscopy tomorrow morning. As she was doing her day before prep she became severly dehydrated. Dad called the Dr. and was recommended to bring her in to emergency . Poor mom. So I imagine she is getting an IV to replenish her fluids and will carry on with the dirty deed tomorrow. Poor momma. Dad went to visit her tonight. I'm sure she will be fine, but will be feeling like she has been run over by a ..... something..... Poor momma.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

hope mom gets better! I see that you had a birthday -- or at least I just noticed it. Had mine in March -- ready to start counting back instead of ahead :)

wandi said...

J Andrew, I'm now at a holding with the age thing. I think it's 40 and holding. I can no longer get away with 29 and holding. People don't buy it. Happy belated birthday to you.