Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Through the eyes of a two year old.

I have to share something cute that my daughter inlaw told me.
First of all I am now known as " Gamma Bear" to my little honey. Abby has so many grammas and it is kinda confusing to a 2 year old. When her mommy and daddy tell her that they are going to visit gramma, she is not quite sure which one they are talking about. I collect teddy bears, and I let Abby play with them when she comes to visit me. So that is how my son came up with the idea of referring to me as "Gramma Bear". So any way, they came to my house for dinner last sunday. It was a very nice visit. When they left my apartment, Abby looked up at my building and said, "Gamma lives in a castle." She thinks that I live in the whole apartment building and that no one else lives there. I just giggled when My daughter inlaw told me this. So I am " Gamma Bear , that lives in a castle". I just love that! So sweet.


Jill said...

That is pretty sweet. You're an awesome "grandma bear"!

wandi said...

Thanks Jill.

Carol said...

I love that name! What a cute post, Wandi.

Lizard Princess said...

That is so incredibly cute! Good thng you wrote it down- I know I have forgotton half the cute things my son used to say.

Although two I will never forget are
1) when we moved into a new apartment, he went all around church telling everyone about our new "compartment" (he was 3)
2) he used to lay his head on me or my husband's chest to listen to our hearts "beep" (again, age 3 or so)

wandi said...

Lizzard Princess, I laughed when I read that your son said you lived in a compartment, and listened to your beeping hearts. Kids do say the cutest things.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I love it! :)