Tuesday, April 17, 2007

To wash or not to wash. That is the question? Let me tell you the answer is to wash!!! Right now at my work I am having to clean up after cadets that are sick. About 60 of them. They have been quarentined to another building so as not to spread the germs any further. But in the mean time Me and my co workers have to go and disinfect the area where they were residing. What a job! It all starts with one person who is sick, and they do not wash there hands, then another comes along and touches the same door handle that the infected person touched, not suspecting anything to happen, and then bang, we have an out break of sickness. It is not an epidemic. But in a place where we have cadet living in close quarters it seems to be something. My co workers and I have had some very exhausting 2 weeks trying to get the germs under control. We can only do so much. As soon as we disinfect a door handle, all it takes is one infected person to touch that door handle and we are right back where we started from. So my point I am trying to make is everyone needs to do there part and wash, wash, wash, there hands...... !!!!!


Imran said...

I'm sorry to hear that.

I hope you and your coworkers don't catch any of the germs yourselves while trying to do you job.

Yes, wash and wash, and try avoiding touching the face as much as possible.

BTW, what happened to the cadets? Flu?

Jill said...

Yuck! Stay safe pretty lady. You do not want the flu wrecking your spring.

wandi said...

Thanks Imran, the cadets are getting better, but even today there were more that became sick. I think Administration is being super cautious. If someone even says they feel a little sick, they get put into a building away from anyone else. In 2000 we did have an outbreak of the Norwalk virus and it was not a pretty sight. We had about 300 sick at once. So I understand why they are being extra careful. So far I think it is just the flu. Only 3 out of the 60 have been confirmed as Norwalk. So I guess our germ busting might be paying off. I hope I have not spoken too soon.

Jill, it has been yuck. So far I have only been plagued with sinus and ear infection. I wash my hands so much they are raw. I am determined not to let the flu ruin my spring. It has been some very nice days lately. Cheers.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

keep washing! :) (I couldn't see your photo -- did you take it off? all I saw was an x)

Carol said...

A good lesson to all.