Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing day,..... Sell sell sell.... Buy buy buy......!!!!!! I find this to be such a sad tradition. My son in law works at Best Buy and he had to work today. The sales were expected to be a million dollars just for his local store a lone. Good for the company but I am sad to say not for the consumer. People are spending money they don't have....... I remember a time when stores were closed on Christmas day and boxing day. Even gas stations were closed. Folks had to plan ahead. It was a mad dash to get to the bank, grocery store and gas station to stock up for 2 whole days while every thing shut down. We all survived. It was great just to slow down and spend time with family and friends. Not any more! Stores are open even on Christmas day and the boxing day sales are getting far too carried away. It's all about the money.... Even the Christian book stores stay open just in case they can make that last minute sale. How sad. People are known to line up at 2 in the morning just to be first in line to get the fantastic boxing day sale. That 37 inch flat screen TV that they just can't live without. I think they must be crazy. You would not catch me waiting in line in minus below freezing in the wee hours just to get my hands on any electronic device for any good deal. I do not get it. Some how people have lost the whole meaning of this Christmas tradition. It's not about the money and the gifts and the spending. What would bring me great joy during this holiday season would be to give and serve others less fortunate than I. Next year I want to go and put on a turkey dinner for people who are truly without. I have an aunt who does this every Christmas. Her and her hubby go out on the streets on Christmas day and give out food to the street people. That is my goal.

Okay, aside from my feelings on boxing day and the crazy retail biz , I want you all to know that I did survive Christmas with my ex. What was especially sweet was that my son was right by my side at all times. Him and his gorgeous wife were my champions. They never left me for a minute. And My Abby was so lovely. What was so sweet was during dinner she said out of the blue " I love you Gramma" It did my heart good and is what I needed to hear. So yay, it's over and I survived and I know that my babies love me and it's all good. Happy holidays to everyone and a wonderful wish for the best in the new year. Above is my to little grandbabies. They are so sweet are they not!


Jen said...

Jordan and I were just talking about Boxing Day. We all get showered with gifts and then rush out the next day to get more, MORE, MORE! It's quite crazy.

Glad you survived Christmas and that you did it so well. Very graceful of you. :)

wandi said...

Thanks Jen. I was strong on the out side but I must admit that I was trembling on the inside. I was so glad that I had you,Jordan,Abby and Jo there with me. Thank you! Love ya.

Wanda said...

Oh Wandi, so glad you had a good Christmas, and how sweet your son stayed by your side. And I so totally agree with this Comercial side of Christmas...How very sad...You couln't pay me enough money to stand in a line!!! And yes, I remember when stores were closed on Sunday when it wasn't the holidays. Times sure have changed!!!
Love Ya..The pictures of the grandchildren are so adorable!!

Muhd Imran said...

These two will melt hearts, definitely.

Here, in Singapore, the many races and faiths take "turns" to mend the public amenities when the other religion celebrates their big day.

You survived and most importantly you enjoyed yourself. That is great!

You have a wonderful son. He inspires me to be like him for my Mom.

I think your Abby gave you the best present of all! Touching and beautiful.

Here's wishing you new beginnings. Happy New Year!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

yes, the money is flying fast. :)
I love the 1st picture! They're wonderful. :)