Friday, February 29, 2008

Meet me at the net... cafe!

I was watching an interesting episode of Dr. Phil the other day. It was about a woman who was engaged to a man that she met on the Internet and for 3 years had a relationship with him. They even became engaged. The thing is this couple had never met in person. The woman was lured into a deceptive web, even to the point of her giving this man 5ooo dollars. She sent him a check! When I heard this I was almost yelling at the T.V. It turns out that this woman was lied to. With the help of Dr. Phil and his team of investigators the man was exposed as a fraud and even had a significant other. His name , age, occupation and photo were false. The photo he used was of a not so known actor from many years ago. For 3 years he led this woman to believe that he was a pilot for the US air force and was stationed in Iraq. Of course this man did not want to go on the Dr. Phil show to try to explain himself. He was caught. What made me astonished even more was this woman tried to defend him saying that she did not want to destroy the connection because she was hoping to get her 5ooo dollars back. Dr. Phil told her that she would probably never see that money again and that she should move on. While I shake my head at this crazy scenario, I have to say that I know of 3 people in my life who have gone the route of the Internet dating thing and so far have been successful. These 3 couples are happily together. Kinda funny don't you think. I guess that it's okay to take a chance as long as you are smart about it. Like maybe meet the person a few times. Get to know them before sending them money. One of the couples I know did meet someone else online and when it came to her actually meeting the guy she knew right away that he was only after one thing and one thing alone. Her money. She quickly ended the relationship before it could even get any where. Good thing she did because she met a wonderful guy who has now become a part of our family. She met him on the Internet too. She lived in the States and he in Canada. But after several months of chatting and such they met. And the rest is history. So I have witnessed first hand that a net romance can work. But I also know that a person must be cautious. What do you think about the whole Internet dating?


Wanda said...

Funny, I have seen both sides too from friends. One gal had two bad experiences with on line dating, and I know a couple that have been happily married for quite some time now. But they did date for a while and took it slow before they got engaged and married.

I found mine at college...that may be safer... To each their own...not my cup of tea.

Muhd Imran said...

Wow. Internet dating. Not for me.

It is fun to chat-up with some mysterious person regardless whether the photo they used are actually theirs or not. So what if you see their faces via web-cams.

To get things to another level is to come forward and meet, date and get to know each other more. This too is risky especially for teenage girls and unsuspecting ladies.

Mine was an introduction from both my Sis and Wifey's Sis when they worked together and liked each other's characters.

Not aware about love at first sight, but when I saw her for the first time, I instinctively knew I found mine.

Still gives me goose-bumps when I recall that moment. Loved it. Love her.

ladybird39pm said...

Wandi, step forward with boldness and don't look back. Be assertive and have fun.
I too have become assertive here and talk to people with boldness and have had fun doing it. Dad says I have really changed.

Susie said...

Honestly, I am always so surprised when we meet people who have met over the internet. I know couples that have met and are happy, and I know some in the ladder situation. But God has a plan for all of us, and I believe sometimes He uses non-traditional methods. ;)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

It's windy and cold here now -- no spring yet. :(
(I love the picture!!)