Sunday, March 30, 2008

Okay I spoke too soon. It is still snowing in our neck of the woods. However it does melt by afternoon. It is March 29 and we should be over the snow bit. At least that is what most of us think. My theory is, the more we complain about the bad weather, the longer we will get it. What is the saying " march comes in like a lion and out like a lamb or visa versa..... Well it seems that march did indeed come in like a lion so it would only make sense that it should go out like a lamb. Right? I know ... God is in control of the weather. Soon enough it will be blooming every where. That reminds me, a co-worker of mine just came back from a weekend in Victoria B.C. She said it was blooming every where. Fruit trees, and daffodils, and crocus.....I knew it would be. I myself (having lived there) have experienced the lovely blooming things in Febuary and March. How I miss it. Okay so aside from the snowy weather we are having here, my happy sunny day is when I can spend time with my grand babies. It does not matter what the weather is outside, it is always sunny in Abbyville. She is my sunshine and so is her 6 month old sister. They truly bring joy to my other wise gloomy day. I got to spend time with them this afternoon and it was delightful as usual. Abby was feeling a little bit sick with a cold as was I, so it was just nice to snuggle on the couch and watch some kiddie shows while baby sister had a nap. I am so thankful for my little grand daughters. They are a happy part of my life.


ladybird39pm said...

wow Wandi a white moose? that is neat . I hope no one shoots it.

We are in Valentine 260 miles south of Grand Rapids Nebraska. found a open campsite ,pulled off the road early and it has 21 sites but has excellent wfiv.
As we travel furthure north there will be less camp sited open. More snow etc. We hope even to hook up to power only. as we have a bought a wonderful heater a EdenPure ceramic. rus with little power and eat our place so cosy less money then propane. We willl probably not get to Rushmore as all flyers say it opens May 1st. Closes mid October.

Anonymous said...


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