Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Okay ladies and Gents. This photo was sent to me from a cousin of mine . Apparently it was taken just out side of a town I grew up in. The place is north of the town of Ft. St. John B.C. Do you believe what you see. In all my life I have never seen an albino moose. Regular ,brown fur, long horn moose, yes. Moose that my daddy as a butcher would make into sausage, roast, and steak. I never was a fan of that type of meat. I think I take after my momma. She was never a fan of wild game of any type. I say me neither. Any way, what an incredible sight this albino moose is, don't you think?


kelle said...

Wow!! I've never even heard of an albino moose!!!

Muhd Imran said...

Thanks to you and your cousin, I finally get to see for the first time in my life, an albino moose.

At first glance, I thought it was sheep because of the color of its fur. It msut have been a thrilling sight for your cousin. Fortunately enough your cousin had a camera handy!

Nowadays, you can't leave home without it.

Guess, it still is snowing there. Is Spring coming anytime yet?

Wanda said...

What cool pictures....An albino moose...I've eaten Moose Jerky, and a moose sausage stick...it was a strong tasting meet...real wild!!!

Love and Hugs
PS I'm trying to rest...but the countdown is on....2 weeks. Yikes!!!