Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I must share something that happened last night that touched my heart. I looked after my granddaughters last night while there mom and dad went to see David Copperfield. Before they left, baby Josie was not feeling very well and she was clingy to her mommy. ( She is a mommies girl for sure) . I had also not seen her for quite some time. As my son and daughter were about to leave , my son passed baby Josie to me and of course she was crying and wanted her mom and dad. I stood holding a crying baby, while her mom and dad stood at the door waving goodbye. When Josie realized that her mommy and daddy were not coming to her rescue she immediately reached out for her 3 year old big sister to come and take her and comfort her! I did not take offense but just giggled. Little Josephine just showed me that if her mommy and daddy were not going to bail her out then she was going to turn to her big sis whom she adores. Abby and Josie have a wonderful sweet relationship that began when Josie was born and has grown and will continue to grow. Sweet sisters! I have a sister like that. I adore my sister so much. She is always there for me (even though I am 16 months older)! My sister has always been my good friend.. my best friend.. my kindred spirit. So when I saw how Josie reached for her sister to comfort her , it touched my heart. I know that Abby and Josie are going to be close like that even as they grow old. What a treasure they are! What a treasure sisters are!


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

My children are that way, too, even though there is around 12 years from the 1st to the 4th.
They have to have gotten this from their mom - my brother and I rarely see each other, even though we both live here in Van Buren. :)
(These 2 are beautiful!)

Muhd Imran said...

Family bond is so important and its universal across all cultures, I think.

It is good that these little sisters are bonding well and will continue to be stronger each day when they are together.

We tend to get very preoccupied with our busy lives, but where there is deep bond between family members, we'll band together in tough times... even long after our parents are gone.

I believe this is true.

Wanda said...

Oh Wandi ~~ what a darling picture, and loved the story. I have three adult daughters and they do "Sister" things. They have always been close.

I love that... You are such a sweet Granny to see the joy and laughter in that scene.

Love to you girlfriend.