Thursday, February 19, 2009

Reporter Jen ( gorgeous daughter inlaw and mother of my grandbabies) has done an interview with me. I'll do my best to answer well!

1) When you get an evening alone to relax at home, what is your favorite thing to do?

My favorite thing to do is sit on my balcony with a good book. It's kinda hard in minus 20 weather and a balcony full of snow. So in the winter I love to come home and sit and watch my favorite T.V. shows or read a good book or do word puzzles. I look so forward to spring!

2) Besides your grandbabies and ME, of course, what are your greatest sources of joy?

My kids are pretty much my greatest joy. Honestly, my face lights up and I get a wonderful feeling seeing and being around my kids. I now know how my dad feels. He's the same! Some other simpler things that bring me joy are, candles and sunsets and warm summer days. Cliche I know, but those things do truly bring me joy.

3) You've been dabbling in sewing lately, making cute jammies and dress up clothes. Is this something you'd like to take up as a hobby? You could set up a nice little corner in your suite and whip off cute matching summer dresses for the girls. :)

A seamstress I am not. I had help from auntie Peggy (the real seamstress). I guess I could try doing matching dresses for our little honeys. I would need auntie by my side though. Plus I would need the use of her sewing machine. I did enjoy making the jammies and silly dress up clothes. Don't look too close at the seams. Like I said. A seamstress I am not.

4) Awhile ago you posted about a book you were enjoying called Fantastic After Forty. What is something you've learned either from that book or from living it in your own life that you wish you could teach young women? Something that they shouldn't bother wasting their time on or some piece of wise advice that would help them along the way.

Our ladies group , "seasoned sisters" is still working on the book.What I have learned from the book so far is, that we need each other. Friends are so important! We all need to lean on and relate to each other. It's great to know that what I am going through, I am not alone. Others are going through the same thing. I also learned that having a sense of humor is so important. We all age and some not too gracefully.(Me) It's so nice to be able to laugh at myself and try not to be so hard on myself. That's the advice I would give. Humor, friends, and forgive yourself! Also don't sweat the small stuff! Things always seem to work out!

5) I know you've always wanted to take a trip to Italy. Do you think that's in the cards for you some day? Who would that ideal trip be with?

I would love to go to Italy some day. Some day when I am out of debt! I think that I would be very fine going by myself. I have been on my own for quite a few years now, and I'm quite comfortable just being on my own. At times it might be lonely, but it would be great to meet new friends.

Thanks for the questions Jen. xoxo


ladybird39pm said...

I am leaving my sewing machine behind next season if we go south. So think about what Jen questioned you about a new hobbie of sewing dress up clothes, using my sewing machine. That would be fun for you, I am sure you would enjoy doing that.

ladybird39pm said...

Get my surger out Wandi

Wanda said...

Oh my what a good interview ~~ I would love to visit Italy someday too.... I doubt I will.... But I sure hope you get to.

Love and Hugs

ladybird39pm said...

I found your remarks that you made on my blog they just don't go all the way thur,they are some how blocked