Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My heart is so heavy right now. I feel like it is about to break. It's breaking for 2 of my co workers. 3 weeks ago one of my co workers buried her husband. He was very sick and died of kidney failure. He was only 58 years old. Today I found out that another co workers husband has been diagnosed with cancer of the liver. Doctors have only given him maybe 6 months. He is in his early 40s. He has 3 young sons. So very sad. When I was told this news today it made me STOP!!!!! I STOPPED what I was doing, to say many prayers for my friend and her family! I STOPPED to thank God for my family! I STOPPED ..... complaining about the stupid crappy stuff that goes on at work! Somehow it did not matter any more. I just STOPPED............. and CRIED! It seemed that there was nothing else I could do but that!


Muhd Imran said...

This part of life is so tough to handle, but nonetheless a part we will all have to face at one point in our life or another.

The only solice is to be with there for the person with genuine love as it helps to ease the pain, no matter how insignificant it may be, but will do good for both the person and ourselves too.

My heart goes to the families of your co-workers too.

Devika said...

Such moments are part of life,

One can take it when its for oneself; but seeing a dear one crying or in a miserable state is more difficult...

But this writing and sharing helps --- and the prayers, meditations of minds that read it -- it all has power to alleviate pain...of ours, of those ones you write about

it helps, greatly - i believe


ladybird39pm said...

So sad Wandi. I know what it is like as you know or a sisters husband dies. Ones heart feels so heavy.
Yes it does change ones perspective

Wanda said...

Oh Wandi ~~ my heart is crying with you. 58 so young... we buried my Dad at that age.

And 40 and young children.... I will add these families to my prayers and with you...thank God everyday for the blessing I have.