Saturday, January 31, 2009

I just watched the movie " Mama Mia". It's a musical of all the songs written and sung by the musical group Abba. It brought back many memories of when I was a teenager in the seventies. I heard the songs on the radio played over and over. So many songs are popular to this day . I loved singing along to all the songs! One song however struck a deep chord in my heart ( I don't remember it to be a popular Abba song). It is the song called " Slipping through my fingers". When I saw this song performed I broke down and cried. It is a song about a mother and her letting go of her daughter who is growing up and moving on in her life. This song truly depicts how I have felt with my lovely daughter Tiffany. My precious girl whom I loved in the womb and right on through first grade, to high school, and her own marriage until this very day. I remember her first day of school. Her first broken arm, her first boyfriend, her graduation, first true love, ( Brian) and her wedding day. I truly have felt that the life I have had with my girl has slipped through my fingers. I am so reminded that life does go so fast and that we need to cherish every moment of it. I just want to say that I am so grateful for the gift of my daughter! Parents out there that read this, let this be a challenge to you to enjoy your time with your precious wee ones, cuz time with them does slip through the fingers like sand. It seems like only yesterday that mine were babes.


Muhd Imran said...

Abba was very popular because of its upbeat and easy-listening tunes. I enjoyed their songs too and sometimes sing along when the radio does play it once in a while.

You are absolutely right. The years go by so fast and before I knew it, my little boy has become a young man... mature and with his own opinions and character.

Wifey and I still have a few years with our Sonny to see him graduate, go on to university and have a good career that he is passionate about.

The time will come when he finds his true love and marriage... we will have to let him go then to lead his life anew, but we hope to be there when we will have our own grandchildren.

For now we will enjoy and continue nurturing him and support him as best as any good parent should.

You have written a good post and a good reminder to all parents. It is never too late, life goes on but hopefully a happy one for all.

Have a good weekend too.

ladybird39pm said...

Yes I feel time has swept throuh my fingers and many times feel I did not spend enough time playing with my kids. But I am encouraged I can still play with them and thier children.
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Devika said...

I love Boney M songs compared to ABBA...

but i like Mama Mia :)

On the other song --I am a woman of forty with no times, after a vacation back home when I leave my mother to join my husband, I feel I should never have married.

But then I went away from her before I got married:)

Life has its ways -- its better to be happy and make others happy for the time we share :)


Kathy said...

I loved that movie so much I bought it. And I too felt quite emotional when I watched that song as well. Especially at my daughters impending marriage. Life does pass too quickly, that is for sure!