Thursday, January 08, 2009

Here is a photo of my wonderful momma and daddy. This is the 2nd full year that they have spent down south in warmer climates. I'm so happy that they are away from the frigid ......Cold, cold, cold............. Brrrrrr.

The New Year started out with a big old bang here in Saskatchewan! It has been - 35 and - 40 here for several days. Although it is much warmer these last few days, the snow has started to fall. I'm sitting watching the snow fall for the umpteenth time this winter. I am so looking forward to spring but I'm trying to take one day at a time cuz I know that spring is such a long way off. The snow on my balcony is getting higher and higher. I am very close to shoveling the snow from my balcony onto the ground 3 floors below. Snow is very heavy and I would not want to have my balcony fall down due to the weight of the heavy snow. Maybe tomorrow I will get out the snow shovel and start to heave ho on the heavy snow. I sure could be a bear right now. Hibernation looks so appealing. If I were a bear, I could sleep all day and night until spring. How sweet!!

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Devika said...

They look so jolly and happy...

Nice post, Wandi :)