Friday, October 23, 2009

Okay people! Are you all scared now? Has the media not made you frightened enough? I'm talking about the H1N1 flu. I work in an environment where the swine flu could be trouble. It's a closed academy where germs are shared due to living , sleeping , eating and learning in close quarters. Our academy has been warned and warned and instructed again about proper, and safe personal germ busting methods. What it comes down to is " Wash your hands People" Wash your hands after you use the washroom! Wash your hands after you touch the public shopping carts, or ATM machines...... Do this before you eat or touch your own mouth, eyes , or nose. If you can't wash your hands then use the antiseptic gels. If I can't wash my hands then I have a bottle of hand sanitizer with me. Hand sanitizer is mostly alcohol and is better to use than nothing at all. The best method however is to wash, wash , wash your hands. Take responsibility for your own health. Okay, I'm getting off the soap box now. :)

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