Monday, January 30, 2006


I was thinking about childhood memories. One of my fave times was when our family lived in North Surrey B.C. I was in about grade 2 or 3. My dad was going to school to get his meat cutting certificate. We were there for only 8 months or so, and rented a furnished house. It was grand to me. It was 2 stories and had a covered in front sun porch. There were tiny benches that my sissy and I would play church. We would set our dollies up as a congregation and my sister and I would take turns being the song leader and the preacher. There was also a play house. I don't remember if it was a real play house , or a garden shed that sister and I converted into a play house. We had such fun. I don't remember much about school except that I was always winning marbles from the boys. I would go to school and borrow 1 marble and end up winning a whole jackpot. I also remember, that was when my migraines started. Mom took me to specialists to see if I had a tumor. No tumor was discovered! In spite of the pain in my head, I had good times. Every weekend our family would go to Vancouver for a drive, or chinese food, or Stanley Park. It was a great time. I loved it! Then there was the huge mall. I got lost in it once. I went to the washroom and was seperated from mom and daddy. We were reunited. It was a huge place. I went back as a grown up and the place was not so huge after all. It's all in the eye of the beholder. The times we spent in Surrey was very good memory for me. That was the time my brother came home with a bruzzer. He always wanted a brother and so one day he brought a friend home and called him bruzzer. So cute Johnnie boy! You never got your little bruzzer of your own, but God gave you 2 gorgeous sons though! It was a good time in B.C. Maybe my sibblings have a different take on the whole experience. To me It was swell.

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Jen said...

It's so interesting how two people can remember the same situation differently - or not at all!