Monday, July 10, 2006

Okay let's move on from Babs to another person who I find so very interesting. His name is Dog . Ya , that's right Dog the Bounty Hunter. I find him and his family fasinating. He hunt's down criminals. His work takes him into some rough spots—seedy hotels, drug dens, and tough neighborhoods. No matter where he goes, Dog tries to help out people when he can, when they'll listen. He's a big believer in second chances, having turned his own life around. After serving time in a Texas penitentiary, Dog vowed to redeem himself by operating on the right side of the law. It is his own criminal past that inspires him to help the fugitives he hunts down to go straight. Dog strongly believes in the American judicial system, and he shows mercy to everyone he can.
No matter how much sympathy he has for his prey, Dog has to get the job done. And no mission could be completed without the assistance of his posse. For Dog, hunting fugitives is a family affair. His wife and business partner, Beth, helps out every step of the way, supporting Dog in the field, handling most of the paperwork, and checking up on leads, warrants, and fugitive addresses. His sons, Leland and Duane Lee, are also important members of Dog's crew. While not a relative, Tim Chapman is another key part of the posse and is considered by Dog to be a "blood brother." At the end of the day, as Dog says, "We're family. That's what counts." Dog is said to be a born again christian, and prays with his crew before going on a hunt. But he is not the typical straight laced christian that you and I would think. He smokes like a chimney, has a potty mouth that would make you want to bring out the soap to wash his mouth, and he wears sun glasses indoors and out that makes you think he has something to hide. But yet I don't doubt that he is a christian. Who am I to judge. The show is really interesting. So check it out on A&E. You may get hooked like me or get totally offended.



Thanks for coming to the party. Barbara would appreciate your coming. I also appreciate your joining me.

Bad Alice said...

All I need is another reality show to get hooked on, LOL. I already get sucked into Mystery Diagnosis and can't go to bed until I know what everyone has.

Anonymous said...

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