Saturday, July 08, 2006

Star Jones Reynolds, a lawyer and former prosecutor, is known to television viewers for her candor, confidence and uncanny ability to clarify muddy legal and social issues. Her knowledge of the law and talent for television has won her critical acclaim as a news and legal correspondent.
For nine years, Star was the co-host of The View, along with Meredith Vieira, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and executive producer Barbara Walters. The View, recipient of the 2003 Daytime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Talk Show," is the original forum where real women discuss relevant, everyday issues and share their daily, no-holds-barred opinions and lively, colorful conversations. Star helped launch the program as an original host when it premiered in August, 1997, and in the words of Executive Producer, Barbara Walters..."The View would have never become the success it is without Star". So Lately Star has been fired. I am so dissapointed. I loved Star Jones because she was so very honest, and held up her moral beliefs. She was true and honest. She was over weight, and recently lost weight. I like Star Jones for her candor and real way of handling things. She has been recently fired from the veiw and I am very disapointed.The view has hired gay Rosie Odonell. I dislike Rosie very much. Always have. Not because she is gay, but because she grates on my nerves. I just love the dynamics of the View the way it was. With Meredith Vieria, Star Jones, Joy Bahar, and Elisabeth. I don't think things will be the same with Merrideth and Star gone. All the best to Star and Merideth. I know that they will be okay. As for the View... I'm not so sure. I wish Star Jones Reynolds all the best. And God Bless to her and Merideth.


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Just for the record. Baba said, "Star talked way too much about herself'

I still love Star and she will moved to bigger and better things.

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I'll start again. I had so many mistakes I deleted it. Wandi your a beautiful writer. You should use your talemnt to write articles for a paper. Maybe we could write a news letter for family?

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