Monday, August 14, 2006

I am so excited. I just contacted a long time freind from my past. She was a maid of honor for my wedding, many years ago. I can't beleive it. She was my best freind in high school. We lost touch over the years. Many years have past since we were in touch. Perhaps 25. What a shame! The other night I was in the mood to google some of my friends from days gone by. My Friend came into view. I was so excited to hear back from her. It was actually my freind and brides maid Lea- Ann. Wow. I'm so excited. I look forward to hear more from her in the next few days.

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Imran said...

Must have been a wonderful find. Fate has it that you girls meet again, I guess.

I have a friend that worked together with me for several years. A good friend of mine and became a good friend of my then fiancee too, now my wife.

She migrated to Canada after both her parents have passed away and followed her only sister who lived there.

We lost contact after that. I still miss our friendship and would very much like to get in touch with her. My wife would like that too. Sigh.

Hope she is well with a loving family of her own now.

Friendship... wonderful treasure to find.