Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I often think about the people in B.C. that I used to clean house for. They were very kind to me. I remember helping with party's as well as clean house for them. My favorites were the Cummings. Jim and April. They were so kind to me. They lived on a lovely piece of land , had a horse, wild garden of flowers, a sly cat, and they bread dogs. Golden retrievers. I not only vacuumed up dog fur, but I also helped them with dinner parties. It was a great time. I loved cleaning for and helping the Mr. and Mrs. Cummings. After all these years I wonder what has become of the dear couple. I hope they are still alive and well. They were my favorites that I worked for. I hope that all is well with them.


Imran said...

Fond memories. I like to do that once in a while too.

Anonymous said...

Good to have great memories. Do you ever thnk of having a business of your own like that friend of Susans that cleans new homes before they are turned over to the owners.