Thursday, September 14, 2006

I just have to brag about my little dollykins. She is so cute. And so smart. We had dinner with her tonight at great granny and grandpas house. Abby was so adorable. She was so charming, giving us kisses, high fives, and later chased us with a make believe bee. She would come to us with her bzzzzzzz, and she even acted like a snake, sssssss. When I read her the book " old McDonald book " and tried to trick her with different sounds , she would correct me. She would point to a cow ,and I would quack like a duck she would say" no cow" or when she would point to a dog I would say " meow" Abby would say " No puppy" Can't fool her. What a brilliant little girl. She gives me such delight and joy. I am so happy that she lives closer to this gramma again. Abby is the light of this grandmas world, make no mistake about it.


Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to have a grand child, they are so precious.
Even when they grow up.

Imran said...

Children at this age are adorable and become so smart, like a sponge, they learn very amazingly quickly. You are blessed with a beautiful granddaughter.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

She truly is adorable. We found out yesterday that our new son will be born Monday (unless he shows up sooner) He wasn't due until Oct. 5, but he had other plans. She's having a hard time this time. It looks like he's going to fall out of her! :)