Thursday, March 23, 2006

Well my time with my little sweet pea has come to an end. She heads back to B.C. soon. She is so cute! She's this tiny, walking, talking, happy little girl. I can't believe how much she talks for her young age. My heart was so happy to see her. I also loved watching her with her mommy. Jen is an awesome mom! I loved it that when Abby bumped her head the only thing she wanted was her momma. It was so endearing to me. I looked after her on monday for the afternoon. She had a nap and woke up after 45 minutes, needing a diaper change. I changed her and snuggled her and she fell asleep in my arms . It was so good to hold my little one. It did a grandmas heart good. I will miss her so much when she goes. I already do. I miss my son and daughter in-law so much too. But Abby changes so fast. In the 4 months that I saw her last she has changed so much. It will be another 4 months til I get to see her again. I will have to just be content with the pictures and updates I get in the mean time. Thanks so much Jen for sharing your little girl with us. Thank-you Jordan for your willingness to stay a week alone without your wife and babe. They miss you. But it was so good to see them again. I miss you too Jordan. I cry every time I talk to you on the phone. I know that you are doing good ther in B.C. I love you and miss you very much.


Carol said...

Oh Wandi,
You make me realize how hard it was for my parents not to see my children growing up. We only were able to visit once or sometimes twice a year.


I'm glad that my son and wife stays with us so I get to have my grandson all to myself 5 days a week from morning till night. Both of them are working.

wandi said...

Thanks Carol. I did that to my parents too. We lived on Vancouver Island and my parents lived in Northern B.C. So after I moved to Saskatchewan my parents moved after they retired to be near the children. My parents know exactly how I'm feeling.

YOu are very fortunate friday's child. I would love to have that situation. But My son is very independant and I don't think he would want to move back in with mom. Never know though. Maybe if I told him he can have free baby sitting that might sweeten the deal. Have a great day. God bless.