Saturday, March 25, 2006

What is up with Dora?

My baby granddaughter loves her, at 1 yr old. My friend from work loves Dora and she is 35. I must admit that when I watched a video of Dora when Abby was visiting, I could not take my eyes away from the T.V. But mostly my eyes were on Abby as she watched Dora solve cases via nursery rhymes. The old mother goose rhymes I learned as a child. Abby was so enthralled in this little spanish explorer, her side kick monkey named "Boots" , her trusty map, and her adorable back pack. Then there is the villan named "Swiper". Swiper is a thief and Dora is always saying " Swiper no swiping" What ever the attraction, my Abby is hooked and so are many others. Dora is very cute and vibrant, and bubbly. Maybe that's it. Vibrant and bubbly? Dora does teach good things though. I thought it was so cute when my Abby was visiting , her cousins gave her a Dora back pack. When I watched this little person with a back pack on my heart melted. I don't know why. Maybe it was she was so little and looked so grown up at the same time. She just looked adorable. When I was young the fascination was Mr. Dressup and Sesame Street. Then it bacame Barney world and Telatubbies. Now it is Dora. Dora is so much better than Telatubbies. They drove me nuts. All they did is talk baby talk the whole show. So stupid. Our children are much brighter than that. Dora is cool and with the times. She teaches children ,and that is way cool. So I guess Dora is with the times. My grand baby loves Dora. And if Abby loves her then so do I!


Imran said...

My son used to love Dora when he was little. Children's problem solving ways made fun.

I used to love watching Sesame Street. That was how it supplemented my English language learning without knowing, when I was young.

I bought several volumes of Sesame Street videos for my son to pick up English when he was still very little. His English is superb. Now he has trouble talking in our native language, Malay instead. Sigh.

Anyway, the little ones make your heart melt whenever you see them. So much innocence yet so much future.

Great feeling everytime! Happy Sunday!

wandi said...

Happy sunday to you as well Imran. Thanks. How times they are a changing.

Anonymous said...

As an Old grannie, I am behind the times with all the new kids delights that come across our airways via TV or computer. Having a connection to Abby as I am her great grannie, I do witness some of the delightful ways of Abby when she comes to visit. This last timeI was not too well so just hung back and just watched as she played and interacted with her family. I missed her snuggly time we used to have.
Wanda where do you get all your extra little icons you put on this sight.

Mom and Grannie Pat

Anonymous said...

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