Sunday, October 01, 2006

I have a Precious Moments Bride doll named "Tammy" It was purchased in 1982. She is a limited addition. I even have the certificate of authenticity. No more than 5000 will ever be made. Her head is all porcelain, hands poreclain as well. Body and feet are cloth. She is about 18" long and is wearing an off white lace wedding dress and veil. If any precious moment collectors out there are interested in purchasing her or know of anyone who is, please leave me a comment. I never got the groom to go with Tammy. She was actually a gift from my ex husband some 25 years ago. I have no use for her now. She is in excellent condition. So like I said, if you or anyone you know are interested please let me know. I even have the original box she came in.


Michelle said...

Perhaps giving her away, or having a ceremonial smashing of her would be therapeutic for you Wanda.

Anonymous said...

Sell her on E bay. Get cash before you send it out in mail. Be sure to insure her put a tracer on her when doing so .

Do you have anything else you could sell, that you ave hidden away
Phone antique places in town or second hand places. Peggy may know of antique dealers.

Anonymous said...

Hey Momma

Don't smash her. If you want to get rid of her and can't sell her I will take her. I remember as a kid wanting to play with her and was not allowed.