Friday, October 27, 2006

"We are in search"....pause ,pause, pause........."of a crime scene!" "These are the words of the ever so cool David Carusso of CSI Miami, who ever so carefully places his sun glasses on his face and walks off into the sunset! . Oh David... Why must you pause after each ...... ........!
My work did a spoof scene of CSI Miami. Our CO was the infamous "Horatio Caine " sun glasses and all. It was so funny and perfect to a " T" I think it is very odd that Horatio must say a few words..... then have a several second pause ... before he says his next ....words.!!! Check it out and you will know what I mean. Horatio is a hero to small children and very beautiful , helpless women. Seriously.. check it out. Okay CSI Miami I like , but it is not my fav of the CSI series. I am a fan of the original CSI how ever. I also do enjoy the CSI NYC. I have always been a fan of Gary Sinise. He's not only very serious, but he is cute in his own kinda chief of the department way.


Robyn said...

LOL, so true! I do still enjoy CSI miami but I don't really like the Horatio Caine character. The other CSIs are much better, IMHO anyway :)

Granny said...

I'm so glad it's not just me. If I remember, he did the same thing on NYPD but it's been a while.

I watch it (mostly in reruns) but I like LV and NY much better. I've noticed though that Gary Sinise has that same tedency to pause between words.

With NY and Miami, I watch more for the rest of the cast than the stars.