Sunday, October 15, 2006

Little Miss Muffet sat
On her Tuffet,
Eating her curds
And Whey.

I never knew what real curds were until tonight. A cousin of mine came to visit. We had a family supper at mom and dads house. My little angel baby was there as well.(granddaughter Abby) She is so cute and funny. I just love watching her. Anyway, we sat around the table visiting, and my cousins Larry and Susan brought out some curds from a cheese place they were at in Manitoba. We tried them fresh from the factory. I tell you , in my opinion they were wonderful. So fresh and yuuummy! I now know what curds are. They are not some kind of cereal that I thought miss muffet ate. Curds are a cheese before it becomes cheese. I think that is right. It is when the cheese is pressed of all the whey before it is pressed into cheese blocks. I think. Anyway I loved it. So fresh, and salty, and cheesey. Any way I not only enjoyed the curds, but enjoyed my visit with the cousins. I have said this before that these cousins are one of my favorites. Only because we spent so much time with them growing up. Happy childhood memories. It was a very nice time, curds and all. I think little Abby girl might like curds too, as she loves cottage cheese, and curds are of the same kind of consistency!


Michelle said...

I think they use curds on poutine as well.

Jen said...

Yup! I know all things related to poutine. :)

granniepat said...

That was neat to taste the curds.
tell me agin where do I go to find pictures for my blog