Friday, November 04, 2005

I'm so happy it's the weekend. I've had a very busy week. So many dirty little puppies. (cadets)
They are called puppies because they are so new at this cop thing. They have no idea when they start training , how difficult it will be. We have at least 2 per troop that just can't take it. They resign or get kicked out because of broken rules. I guess that is the reason training to be a RCMP is so tuff. They need to know right off who can cut it. I'm really proud of the ones that graduate and are given the title constable. They work hard and deserve the badge. There are a few that graduate and are posted some where in the real world and then realize it's too difficult. Then they quite soon into their career. I guess it's good ,cuz I want the best of the best out there protecting me. Any way back to the dirty lil puppies. I'm exhausted! So now that it's the weekend, I'm happy to relax and burn candles. That is my weekness. Party lite candles. I love love love them. I burn candles all around my house. It's so zen like. I love the nice clean fragrance of those delightful candles. They beat the store bought dollar store candles any day. That's my opinion. I should be a party lite rep. Then I could say, " I'm not just a sales rep , I'm also a client." But I'm too busy and tired to be a party lite rep. So I'll just continue to be a customer. I think that works out just fine.


Jen said...

I love burning candle in the winter too. It makes the home feel more cozy. I'm going to a candle party on Sunday if you want to come. Let me know.:)

wandi said...

Hey Jen girl. I'm actually having a book party right now. I will be closing in 2 seeks. So I won't need any candles. Who is having the party?