Friday, November 11, 2005

Would somebody please remove the batteries!

There is a woman that works with me who is 70 years old. My goodness she's a mover and a shaker. I swear sometimes this woman is a robot. At 70 she can move like lightening. I find it hard to keep up with her. So do all the rest of my co-workers. From morning til the end of the day she goes at full speed. I tell her" Edith if you don't slow down I will have to remove your batteries". She just laughs at me. Edith not only works at the RCMP cleaning but she has another job working in a care home. She looks after old folks her age and older. I get a chuckle from this. She works in a care home looking after people her own age. Kind of ironic, don't you think. I admire Edith. She has such a good attitude. I don't think she will ever slow down until she is gone from this world. I hope that's not for a long time yet. She should be enjoying her retirement. She tells me she can't be still. She needs to keep moving. I hope that I'm like that when I get her age. My Grandma Miller was like that. At 80 something she was going on trips by bus to Las Vegas. She said that if she had to slow down it would kill her. My granny Brown is like that too. She is 90 this month. She is another mover and shaker. She walks every where. Although I have noticed she looks a liitle more frail every time I see her. After all she is 90. I think she is doing so well. I hope that I do that well when I get her age. I think her positive attitude has every thing to do with it. Go granny go. Go Edith go. I will try to keep up and follow in your foot steps.

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Jen said...

Wow. I wish I had that kind of energy at 22!