Saturday, November 05, 2005

Feeling Blue

Tonight I'm feeling blue. My Jordan , Jen and Abby are moving away. I'm very happy for them! I'm excited for them and jealous too cuz they get to move back to beautiful B.C. I miss the mountains. It will be wonderful for Jen because she has never lived anywhere but Saskatchewan. I give them my blessing. I told Jordie boy the other night that I know God has been preparing my heart for awhile now. I just knew that some day they would move away. Today as I sat thinking, it just hit me. I will miss them so much. I felt this way when Tiff and Brian moved to Ontario. I knew it was Gods will , but I am human and feel such a connection with my kids. It will be sad to see them go. I'm so thankful to Amanda and Steve for taking them in , til they can get a place of their own. I also know that God is taking care of my kids. I pray for them always. I also look forward to when I can go out and visit them in B.C. I don't blame Jordan for wanting to go back to B.C. I love it there. I lived there most of my life. Born and raised. Not in Summerland, but a little more north. Jordan, I just want to let you know how proud I am of you and your family. You turn out to be a great son, husband and dad. I will miss you very much. So even though I think it's a good thing, I also feel sad emotion. So tonight I will allow my self to have a cry and then get on with things. That's okay!



Amanda Brown said...

Thank you for letting them come to Summerland! We are so happy to have them come, but I know it will be hard for them to leave loved ones back in the prairies. I miss my family a lot, but they love coming out to the Okanagan for a visit each summer! Maybe we'll be seeing you this summer. :)

Michelle said...

Wanda, I know how you feel. Good thing we have cheap long distance and email with which to keep in touch. They have a video camera too so I am sure we will be getting lots of footage of their new life.