Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Oh my goodness, we have a giant living at depot for the next 2 weeks. He's so tall that he has to duck his head going through many door frames. He checked in on sunday night, and by monday morning he came to us and asked if we possibly had a longer bed. The one we gave him was too short. Apparently he is 6'9" Pretty close to 7'. Wow! Shock 2 When I looked up at him, I almost fell over backwards because my head was so far back. So anyway, our task was to hunt all over base to see if we could find a 7' bed for our new friendly giant. We found one out in the arena. Yes , success! Not. The horse barn is at the back of the arena. This bed and mattress have been stored there for a very long time. Many years. So needless to say it kinda smelled of a barn. We aired it out, sprayed it with febreze, and washed up the mattress cover. We thought we had the problem solved , but according to our lovely new giant it still smelled of horsey. Nose So today a co- worker and I had to go and find a solution to this dilema. What to do, what to do? We have to make our guest as comfortable as possible. We didn't even have sheets to fit a 7 foot long beds. We were using sheets from our double rooms. The width fit ,but the length fell short by several inches. We tried everything short of sewing 2 sheets together. We pinned, and pulled , and cut, and wrapped, 5 sheets around the mattress to try to disguise the barn yard smell. I think it did the trick. We'll see tomorrow after our giant has a sleep on his new bed. I hope he is happy. If not my supervisor said we'll have to give him 2 single mattresses on the floor and he can make his own bed each day. We tried! Believe me we tried ! I don't mind trying to do what it takes to make our guests comfortable, but if they are still not happy and choose to complain then it gets to be discouraging. So sleep well you freindly, grummpy giant. If not you will be sleeping on the floor tomorrow night. Poor guy. Teary