Friday, November 25, 2005

All Week I have been very irritable, and grumpy even ! Every thing bothered me. I now realize why. It hit me tonight when Jen and Jordan came for supper. I was feeding Abby while Jen was on the computer checking her e mail. A song was softly playing on the radio. Tears started to fall. I couldn't help it. This is the last weekend that I will be with my kids for a while. They move to B.C. day after tomorrow. Jen came into the room. I said to Abby " grandma is emotional, but I guess that's okay. I can be." I told that to Jordan when he told me they were moving. I said to him that I give them my blessing and am happy for them but I will be sad to see them go. So now I know why I was so irritable all week. Not that I'm grumpy that Jen and Jordan are leaving and have the nerve to take my granddaughter with them. Hee hee. I'm just trying to hide my sad emotion. Why do we do that? We try not to show emotion. Heaven forbid that anyone knows that I'm sad. Well tuff, I am sad. I'm a mom and even though I know it's very normal that my kids spread their wings and leave the nest. I feel very sad. I will miss them.