Friday, December 02, 2005

I'm going to put my tree up tonight. To some it may seem early. I know my mom would not think of putting her tree up yet. She says her living room is too small and it makes it look smaller. She usually waits until maybe a week before christmas. Perhaps 2 weeks before. Our Tiffany has her tree up already. Hers has been up for a week already. I was over there last weekend. We had a sleep over. I was feeling very sad. It was the day Jen, Jordan and Abby left. I really didn't want to be alone and Tiff knew it . so I packed up my jammies and tooth brush and off I went. It was grey cup, so we had appetizers and watched the game. Any way back to the christmas tree. It is Dec. 2nd and I feel like putting my tree up. I usually have to go with how I feel. Like when the spirit moves me, then I do. I have to see how much energy I have though. I worked an all night shift. I slepted all day but I know I will run out of gas before long.

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