Thursday, December 29, 2005

Rejected by the PJ's

I was in the middle of a wonderful sleep in lala land when I kept feeling this irritating scratching trying to wake me from my slumber. I tried to ignore it but it just wouldn't stop. Finally at about 4 a.m. I bolted out of bed and realizded the scratching was my doing. And it was my skni that was being scratched. Oh my! I couldn't stop . I started to scratch all over. My neck, arms , legs, stomach. What is making me itch so bad? Did I eat something out of the ordinary? No. Did I use the wrong kind of lotion? No! I washed my lovely, new jammies before I went to bed and put them on fresh and clean. Hmmmm? I think that might be it. I recently changed my laundry detergent. I have very sensitive skin, and have only been able to use baby laundry soap. When I went shopping last time, Super Store did not have my brand so I picked up "Gain" As I scratch myself raw , I'm thinking this was a huge mistake. Today I tried to work but ended up leaving early to go the Dr. I have red itchy hives all over my body. Except on my face, which leaves me to beleive it is the laundry soap. I'm in misery! I can't stop scratching. The Dr. gave me a perscription and an antihistamine. So far it is not working. I tried to have a nap but no good. My skin is crawling. Help! Needless to say I stripped out of my not so cozy jammies at 4:oo a.m. and tried to get comfy. I was very disappointed in my new cozy flannels. But it is not the fault of the PJ's. I'm right now in the process of re-laundering all my articles of clothing. We shall see if my jammies and I can be reunited once again.


Isabella said...

That's so crazy! I hate when sleep is interrupted by something like that, I sure hope it was the detergent and you can get comfy in your PJ's once again! Happy lounging!

Jen said...

Ick. I only use Baby Soft or Tide Free on our clothes and no Bounce sheets or anything like that. Hope your skin is cleared up soon!

Anonymous said...

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