Friday, December 30, 2005

Greetings Everyone
I hope this New Year finds you healthy and Happy. It's been a long time since I've been in touch with friends and family that I was feeling guilty.It's about time you heard what is going on in my world. I feel I live a pretty boring life. But I will start and try to make it sound interesting. I'll go back almost 2 years ago when I owned my own house. It was spring and I was out with a dear friend only to return home to realize that I had been burgled.I was very afraid and shaken up. There was quite a bit of damage to my back door and dining room window. The crooks got away with all my electronics. I had a border living down stairs but he too was away from the house. I called to Brian and Tiffs and they were at my place in 2:00 minutes. I think he broke speeding records.Every thing was taken care of and my insurance covered the cost of replacing my stolen belongings. It was not too long after that I decided to put my house on the market. It sold in 6 days and I made double what I paid. I don't regret the experience of owning my house. I learned that it takes a lot of time,money and effort.Being a single gal it was just too much for me. So In June last year I moved into an adult only building. Most of the tenants are in there late 70's and 80's My son in-law teases me that I've already found my seniors retirement home and need never move again.I love it in my new place.It's bright and large. 1200sq ft. Maybe some day I will be able to buy a condo which would be more suited to me. Until then I am happy where I am. This last year has been a difficult one for me. Iv'e been struggling with an illness and had to be off work for almost 3 months last Jan- april. I'm doing better now though. But some days it still gets tough.On the bright side. Last Dec. 18 an addition to our family. Abigail Olivia Dalsin. Born to Jen and Jordan . She is such a delight to all her family. Everyone says she looks so much like Jordan. I can see it but I also see Jen in her as well. She just turned a year and is walking and talking. The down side is that Jen and jordan moved to SummerlandB.C. only a month ago so I can't watch her grow up. But I am thankful for the internet and the age of instant messaging. I can see her growth progression that way. Jordan is working for an electrical company in Penticton B.C. He will be able to get his journeymen's through them. Jordan and Jen rented a beautiful home in Summerland and Jordan commutes the 15 minutesto Penticton. Jen is able to stay at home and be with Abby full time. She's a fantastic mom. They want to start trying for a brother or sister for Abby, in the near future. Jen has caught the baby bug.
Now on to my dearest girl, Tiffany. Her and Brian are back living in Regina. They came back for Jordan and Jens wedding and stayed. I'm so thankful they did. I missed them so much when they were in Ont. but I know that they needed to be there while Brian's dad was ill. Both Brian's parents have since passed away. I love Brian like my own son. He is so good to Tiffany. They are trying for a baby of their own. Not successful yet. They have also signed up to adopt a baby in Sask. These things take time though. We just wait and see what God has for them. Right now Tiffany has been working at the christian book store here in Regina. She is very good at her job. The customers like Tiffany. What's not to like? She is wonderful in my books!Brian has been working back at the Sears call center. He has a management position. He works all evenings though. Brian's sister Cathy and her husband Tim have moved to Sask. They did not feel the need to stay in Ontario since their mom passed away this summer.It's nice for Brian to have some of his family closer.
Mom and dad are doing well. We are planning a Miller family reunion this summer in Rosebud Alberta where brother John and his wife live. It should be great to see cousins that I have not seen in many years. On Nov.26 my granny Brown on my moms side turned 90. There was a big celebration this past summer in Quesnel B.C. which I was fortunate enough to attend. It was good seeing relatives on that side of the family.So now it is Jan. 30 2005 and here I sit looking forward to a new year. I hope and pray all is well with you and you have a great year. I've learned that it is important to take one day at a time and make the most of it. God bless. Love Wanda

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